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Mutual Divorce for Rs 25,000 - handled by top senior counsels

Mutual Divorce for Rs25,000

Get the battery of Senior counsels and top 10 lawyers fighting your divorce shoulder to shoulder

Decouncil brings you the best divorce lawyers in Bangalore. Get a battery of 10 senior counsels and top lawyers behind you for something as crucial as divorce. Our lawyers have handled the toughest cases in the history of divorce with more than 95% success rate. Trust our experience and instinct in handling your cases.  When you come to Decouncil you are shielded by 10 of the senior counsels, in case something goes wrong.   All these for a fee of just Rs 25,000 for mutual divorce.

Divorce is a very crucial aspect of one’s personal life and has to be handled with total accuracy if your future is to stay bright. Any allegations allowed to stay after the divorce has the potential to ruin not only your career but also personal life.  Be it a simple mutual divorce or a complicated contested separation, you need the best lawyers in case something goes wrong.  Believe in the best and never settle for average.

Unable to settle divorce amicably? Are you planning to contest?

Contest the Divorce

When it comes to contesting cases Decouncil undoubtedly has the best and most successful lawyers in Bangalore. You cannot get more formidable lawyers to team with you to represent your case

Are you planning to get separated from your other half?

Do you find yourself unable to part ways mutually and amicably?

Every time you imagine about the divorce, you are scared or overwhelmed by the legalities, allegations, cases that will be filed on you?

Do you constantly find yourself thinking about the consequences of your future if the divorce goes wrong and false criminal charges on you and your family might be upheld?

Do you realize that this can completely destroy your future!

In today’s world divorce is highly complicated process especially if both the parties decide to contest because they couldn’t find a mutual ground to settle the dispute.  The allegations, criminal cases and the muck that’s thrown at each other in the court are sometimes hard to imagine.

Do you Realize you give Your future in the hands of the lawyers when you hand them your divorce case?

Take no chances with your future. Choose the best lawyers who are highly experienced, skilled and natural winner when it comes to divorce cases.

Don’t put your future at stake.