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Appearance fees vs Package fees

Lawyer fees –  Package vs Appearance Fees which is better?

Lawyer fees – Package vs Appearance Fees which is better?

India is witnessing a lot of divorce cases recently. Fighting divorce is an expensive affair. The problem is most of the clients are seldom prepared when divorce comes knocking at their door. Indian’s hunt for a lawyer at the last minute and when the problem seems to have piled neck deep. They are neither mentally or financially prepared when selecting divorce lawyers. They hurry up and go with recommendations of family and friends for choosing divorce lawyers. When it comes to lawyers fees they have two options. Which one to choose is the question?.

Appearance based fees

Many clients prefer appearance based fees and drafting charges to bulk payment. This format of fees is easier on the pocket and clients get lot more time to arrange big chunks of payments.  This method is preferred by many clients because of the pocket friendly nature.

Disadvantages that our research team noted in this form of payment was that the chances of cases prolonging is higher. Already India has close to a crore of pending cases, and prolonging the case here just adds on to the mess.

Divorce Package

Clients who basically wanted to finish the cases faster and move on preferred a total package.  The package ensure that the lawyers fees is met in full. This is the package used by top lawyers and these lawyers tend to finish the cases early and move on with newer cases. Advantage is that since the advocates and clients work on ending the legal turmoil the results might be quicker and faster, Client need not carry the headache for years together.

Disadvantages of the package is the payments are lumpsome and  finished in 2 to 3 shots as the case proceeds.

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